Billionaire Entrepreneur Niraj Goel Set to Launch Singapore Innovation League

 Billionaire entrepreneur and innovator Niraj Goel i s ready with his latest offering - the Singapore Innovation League. What is this league about and what is the purpose behind its launch? Well, Niraj, who has risen from the ground up all by himself, has strong views about giving back to the society. After making billion of dollars worth empire, he is all set to help others to nurture their own dreams! Singapore Innovation League: The Singapore Innovation League will be launched on 4th July 2014, coincidentally the Independence Day of the United States of America. This league is being launched with a view to make Singapore the innovation and technology capital of the entire world. In this way, Singapore will become a major hub of technology, on the lines of Silicon Valley of the US and other major technological and innovation hubs in the world. More about the project: The total corpus of the league has been set at around SGD 1.5 billion and is aimed at helping close to 500 companies

Why Business Equipment Finance Makes Sense

 If you are starting a new venture, or you are expanding an existing one, then you might be going through a menacing time to set things up. It is a complex undertaking when you have to spend a lot of money for more equipment, or else the new business won't run. Equipment procurement is an essential part of setting up a business and you don't have much choice but to buy new gears and paraphernalia to get things started. First, you have to plan for the equipment needed and it is important that you know how to select the products that would address your needs. After you have determined the equipment needed, you have to create a plan on how you should be paying for the equipment. If you don't have money to spend for it, then you probably need a business equipment finance company. What is this company that would supply financing for your equipment purchase? Basically, this is considered a smart thing to do when you are short of funds to buy equipment. Or even when you have mo

Website Maintenance and the Importance of It

 Creating a website could be an effective and nice way of extending your message to your customers or create an online self-sufficient business. Whatever be the purpose of your website, ensuring that it's well maintained is vital for its success. If you can't manage your website, it could lead to problems for visitors as well as for you. Check functionality Maintenance of functionality for visitors is an important reason as to why a website needs to be maintained. Over time, a website loses functionality. This could be a frustrating experience for the visitors. For instance, if there's a link on your website that points to another website, you may have a broken link if the other site is down. Website maintenance helps to ensure visitor satisfaction. Help in search engine rankings One of the biggest benefits of website maintenance is that it helps in search engine rankings in the long term. A search engine keeps track of actions taken by visitors to a website and if they ar